Read the label when buying Linen Shower Curtains

Published: 02nd March 2010
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Common vinyl shower curtains release chemical gases and odors from their ingredients and are manufactured with non-renewable and chemical products. They are difficult to clean and end up in a landfill where they don't biodegrade and potentially release dangerous substances into the aquifer. The alternative that we like the best is a hemp shower curtain found at Hemp is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria and it is also quick drying which means it won't trap moisture in the tub like those vinyl liners that only add to mold growth which is hard to clean and certainly disgusting. I imagine that most people just throw the old ones away rather than clean them. This curtain will get wet, but it will not leak through. This means that no liner is even needed. So what's the point of using a cotton or hemp shower curtain anyhow? The short answer is this: switching to cotton shower curtains or other natural fibers such as hemp can add little comfort to your personal life and have a tremendous positive impact on the environment. How you ask?

Take a standard 6'x6' shower curtain made out of vinyl for example. Imagine if you will, thousands upon thousands of these thrown away each year! Being made of PVC, a petro-chemical material, they will take ages to decompose in the landfill. While doing so, they release PCB's and other toxins that leach into the soil and our ground water. When sent to incinerators rather than the landfill, these same chemicals and more are released into the atmosphere!

Imagine the difference is all shower curtains were made from non polluting natural fibers like cotton or hemp? Not only are they much better for the environment, but tightly woven cotton and hemp shower curtains also offer many superior features.

For one, there's no initial out-gassing so you'll escape that new vinyl smell which is more than just bothersome, especially to chemically sensitive persons. Natural fibers such as hemp and cotton shower curtains are also machine washable so they are easy to keep clean and fresh! And the cotton shower curtain material feels so great - no more tricky maneuvering in the shower to keep your skin away from that yucky vinyl!

Want to guess where plastic and vinyl curtains are made? Not in the United States. In fact, 99% of all shower curtains are made in China. Here in the United States, there are several small manufacturers of cotton and hemp shower curtains that are fighting off the tide of vinyl.

Cotton shower curtains are reminiscent of the durable canvas tents of yesteryear! The natural fiber wicks water down into the tub while the tight weave provides and efficient barrier to splashes and heaviest of sprays. Cotton shower curtains can come it a natural fiber color or with a non bleach white.

We consider hemp one of the premier plant fibers and a great alternative to generic linen shower curtains! Its nearly perfect for making into Hemp shower curtains. One of the strongest and most durable of all natural textile fibers, hemp shower curtains hold their shape, so it won't stretch out or become distorted with use. Speaking of which, the more its used the softer it gets. Hemp shower curtain fibers absorb and channel water better than cotton. It's porous nature also allows it to "breathe" so hemp shower curtains dry faster. Speaking of which, hemp is fast growing and produces more fiber per acre than any other crop.

When you are redoing your bathroom, consider moving to a United States manufactured hemp or cotton shower curtain. Purchasing natural fiber goods made in the United States supports alternative agriculture and provide long term value without the long terms environmental impacts.

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